My Top 12 Tips on Linocut Printmaking

Nice description of how its done.

Shellie Lewis' Blog

This article will be helpful to beginning to intermediate artists who have had a chance to try linocut printmaking.  Hands on experience is very helpful with this technique.  Linocut relief printmaking is easy to get into and execute at home without a printmaking press or other large equipment.

You have to handle the cutting tools and learn to be careful with how you handle them.  Always keep your hands behind the movement of the cutting tool.  You do not want to hold the material with one hand and cut with the other hand, moving the sharp tool toward the hand holding the material, putting that hand in the line of fire if you slip with the tool.  Be careful with the tools.  Cut the linoleum, not yourself.  Sharp tools work better and are easier to control.


Clothesline in the kitchen?  Your prints need to dry.

1. Reverse your image.

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