Simon van der Sluijs Exhibit

  “4 may I am opening ‘Part II: Dissectum’ of my exhibition trilogy: ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’. The exhibition runs…

Exhibit in the Pastorie in the MartinusKerk in Hoogland

Come and join me on the 12th April 2019, 8.00pm in the Pastorie of the Martinus Kerk, Hoogland, Amersfoort.

Why Draw Buildings?

Het antwoord is eenvoudig. In Nieuw Zeeland, het land waar ik vandaan kom, zie ik dagelijks een adembenemende natuur om mij heen. Die prachtige natuur dringt zich aan je op. Daar ontkomen beeldende kunstenaars ook niet aan. Elke dag biedt een nieuwe mogelijkheid om je in die wereld om je heen te verdiepen en die artistiek te interpreteren en vast te leggen. En zo dragen zij bij aan het scheppen en het weergeven van een belangrijk aspect van de culturele contekst van het land. Hier in Nederland ervaar ik een andere wereld om mij heen. Overal staan huizen en gebouwen. De architectuur levert een prachtig tijdsbeeld op….

Preparing for an Exhibit

I recently spent three months back in New Zealand. I took the time to work on some linocuts, which I…

Signing Prints

Artists’ signatures are a big part of the way our art history and market function. A signature is always one piece…


I was also think its a real challenge to capture movement in motion. Not far from where I live is a skateboard pipe (I think that’s what they’re called). After school and on the weekends the area is teaming with young lads, in the main, trying their hand at all manner of motion devices with wheels of varying sizes and on gradients of varying degrees of treacherousness.

Italian Smalti AngelFor Sale

Mosaic shard spacing

Spacing of mosaic pieces is as critical as grout color. The further apart the spacing the more fragmented the piece will look – and the more grout will be needed to finish the piece. The closer the spacing the better the piece will read. So spacing is another of the vital design choices that have to be made when designing a mosaic.

Artists and their passions

  Here is a lovely clip by local photographer Mayra Pama-Luiten who prepared a piece on several local Dutch artists…

Grouted Pique Assiette

Grouting is a far more time consuming process than one might imagine, particularly if you are using fine bone china. The reason for this is that the surface is not flat and therefore special attention must be paid to removing all grout from around each shard, so that each piece can be seen clearly.

Machine and hand sewn Geisha- embellished with gold paper and silk by Sarah-Alice Miles. For Sale

Textile inspired by Kunisada – a work in progress

After a trip to the Japanese Museum in Leiden I was so inspired I thought I’d have a go at…


My husband has been away this last couple of weeks. I thought it was high time I captured him in…

Amsterdam Cafe Culture

from one of the many bridges and as I browsed the delightful sounds of a French horn wafted through the open door. It was clearly live music and being very partial to the brass instruments my curiosity got the better of me. 

Cycling in Amsterdam

The bike is such an iconic part of Dutch culture. How could I not capture it on paper.  This is an Indian ink, applied by brush on manuscript paper. I love ink’s beautiful blackness and permanence. In addition the strong linear aspect of urban, architectural views make it a natural subject for ink.

Amsterdam Dreaming

I’m currently working on a series of images of Amsterdam. My focus is once again on the architecture – I can draw nature in New Zealand but here I like to wallow in the richness and beauty of the architecture.

How to Cut Smalti

  Three methods of cutting smalti are most common: nippers, hammer and hardie, or chopping machine. Wheeled nippers are pliers…

The Christchurch Cathedral (New Zealand) and the Hoogland Kunst Route (the Netherlands)

  Tomorrow is the Hoogland Kunst Route, This is one of the pieces on display. I am a guest of…

Update on the Berlin Wall…the Bong Tree is complete

I managed to get this far and only sliced my finger once – not bad going considering I have cut up kilos and kilos of marble.I’m original mosaicing tools in the form of a hammer and hardy. More on that in another blog. These tools are usually used for cutting glass and you only have to tap the glass with the hammer and it breaks perfectly. Cutting marble is another story. Sometimes the pieces I’m cutting are 10 centimeters thick and really require some serious force, needless to say the hammer gets blunt quickly.

Is there lead in Smalti?

This week a reader asked me this question- is there lead in smalti? Smalti is the glass used for making…

Very Special….

My first year in the Netherlands was tough: house buying, job hunting, trying to make friends etc.. Then in January…

Hoogland Kunst Route

Look forward to seeing you there. HAPPY-ARTING!

Onze Lieve Vrouwentoren

he church that belonged to the tower was destroyed by a gunpowder explosion in the 18th century. It forms the focal point of this drawing.

They call it the Berlin Wall…..

I have a wall in my backyard which the neighbors call the Berlin Wall. I must say I was rather…

So what is Italian Smalti?

As a mosaic artist, Italian Smalti is the crème de la crème of traditional mosaic materials. It is an Italian…

Amersfoort Kunstkijkroute – Sunday 15th April 2018

Come along to the Amersfoort Kunstkijkeroute

First Exhibit in The Netherlands

First Exhibit in the Netherlands.

for sale:


Rose: Inspired on the old 1950s Hollywood style boudoir.  Models were perfectly clothed, yet the sex appeal, the intimacy levels…

for sale


Ester is a 1920s French mannequin and has a side mirror attached. She is an unusual piece. I choose to…

For sale:


This mannequin along with several others will be on display in the Huis Kernhem in Ede, Easter Weekend: 31 March,…

Sold Mannequins

Upon request, here are some of the mannequins that I have already sold. Currently working on some legs! Working with…

for sale:

Diana – on exhibit in Hoogland, The Netherlands

I was inspired to make this piece by the death of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. She was a member…

For sale

Can you believe it – its for sale

I’ve always wanted to live in a church conversion. Now, just down the road this one is for sale. Its…

Extinction of species

A changing climate has the potential to cause extinctions in a majority of the world’s especially valuable ecosystems. Depending on…

International Exhibit in Huis Kernhem, Ede, The Netherlands

Sarah-Alice Miles, geb. 1968 (Cardiff, Wales) Een zware aardbeving maakte acht jaar geleden meer kapot dan Sarah lief was. Maar…

Mum and Me

I lost my mother many years ago to illness. While recently on a cruise to Iceland I was sitting on…

For sale

Drawing my new home town

This is really a Dutch City and you do not find hoards of tourists wandering round, unlike Amsterdam. I refer to Amersfoort as ‘Amsterdam for the locals’.

Finding Inspiration for Mosaics

Inspiration for mosaics design comes for me from material choice – the only limiting factor is your imagination and in…

For sale

Designing a Mosaic- An Example

Finding Yourself Through Art

The importance of drawing your design

Here are the results of my thought process:. As you can see I began playing with a variety of blues and gold and began to think about how I would create the lines in the design and whether or not I wanted a border and whether that border should be black.

To Grout or not to Grout- that is the question?

Many a mosaic I have ruined choosing the wrong grout color. The rule of thumb is that the more contrasting the grout color the more visible and fragmented a piece will look.

Examples of Un-grouted Pique Assiette

I like to work with fine bone china, it has a delicacy about it. Here are several examples of the…

Linocuts and Kunisada

While travelling round the Netherlands in 2017 I visited the Japan Museum SeiboldHuis in Leiden. At the time they had…

Christchurch Art Centre, New Zealand after earthquakes (for sale)

Christchurch Earthquakes

It wasn’t until 2010 that I began drawing. It was after the earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand, and there was…