Can you believe it – its for sale

For sale

I’ve always wanted to live in a church conversion. Now, just down the road this one is for sale. Its called Elleboogkerk. It used to be the Armando museum. Apparently there was a major fire there in 2007 and much of the collection on exhibit at the time burned too- 34 paintings and a sculpture. In its place they developed a ‘virtual museum’, which was a digital project which presented images of all the art that would have been at the museum had it not suffered damage. This lasted two years.

It has since been restored and certainly peering through the window the vaulted wooden ceilings all look very new. Here’s an ink drawing I did of the exterior recently.  The interior is modern with a feeling of space – or so the advert says.

Here’s a cross section of the tower.      Verticale doorsnede toren Elleboogkerk

I have drawn it in black and blue ink. I love the reflection of the tower in the water as you walk toward it. I’m currently working on a series of water reflection pieces.

For any one actually interested in buying this magnificent building the people to contact are Stadsmakelaar Margo de Groot. The price for the church is  € 1.495.000, plus buyer costs. You can take several naughts off that price for this pen and ink (ha,ha). The church is of course an historical monument and therefore there are restrictions as to what can be done to the building. But nevertheless just think of the possibilities. Perhaps this picture will appeal to the eventual buyer. Good luck with the sale and I’m curious to see what function it will eventually fill.


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