Simon van der Sluijs Exhibit

  “4 may I am opening ‘Part II: Dissectum’ of my exhibition trilogy: ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’. The exhibition runs … More

Preparing for an Exhibit

I recently spent three months back in New Zealand. I took the time to work on some linocuts, which I … More

The Christchurch Cathedral (New Zealand) and the Hoogland Kunst Route (the Netherlands)

  Tomorrow is the Hoogland Kunst Route, This is one of the pieces on display. I am a guest of … More

Hoogland Kunst Route

Look forward to seeing you there. HAPPY-ARTING!

International Exhibit in Huis Kernhem, Ede, The Netherlands

Sarah-Alice Miles, geb. 1968 (Cardiff, Wales) Een zware aardbeving maakte acht jaar geleden meer kapot dan Sarah lief was. Maar … More