Signing Prints

Artists’ signatures are a big part of the way our art history and market function. A signature is always one piece … More


I was also think its a real challenge to capture movement in motion. Not far from where I live is a skateboard pipe (I think that’s what they’re called). After school and on the weekends the area is teaming with young lads, in the main, trying their hand at all manner of motion devices with wheels of varying sizes and on gradients of varying degrees of treacherousness.


My husband has been away this last couple of weeks. I thought it was high time I captured him in … More

Extinction of species

A changing climate has the potential to cause extinctions in a majority of the world’s especially valuable ecosystems. Depending on … More

Mum and Me

I lost my mother many years ago to illness. While recently on a cruise to Iceland I was sitting on … More

Linocuts and Kunisada

While travelling round the Netherlands in 2017 I visited the Japan Museum SeiboldHuis in Leiden. At the time they had … More