The New Zealand Mandala- Heritage I

This is a linoleum cut. Some people have asked me whether the mandala is created using a series of stamps – which incidentally would have been a lot less work. But instead it is a complete lino – as they all are.
The New Zealand mandala is very much one made up of things from the natural world.

Shout-out to the makers of the Slip Strop

I have done some damage in the past to tools using traditional ‘slip stones’. Lino carving tools are so much finer and require a finer sharpening method. So recently in my search for a good sharpening system I came across the Slip Strop made by Flexcut (US made) which, they state, is ‘an easy way for creating and maintaining carving tool’s razor edge’. I bought the set on Amazon and it arrived a few days later.

Shows what can be done with IKEA products and artistic creativity.

1001 things to do with an IKEA place-mat

For many of you this scene will also represent a Dutch cliché i.e. a scene that, upon its inception, may have been striking but has become unoriginal through repetition and overuse. Popularity made scenes such as these seem trite, turning them into what we now call clichés. Whether you like the scene or not, the reality is, that this scene is alive and well in the Netherlands of today. Sure, more often than not you see large turbine driven windmills of the modern variety towering over these beautiful small old windmills, but despite that, in the foreground this scene can still be found in the Netherlands of 2019- thank goodness!


I was also think its a real challenge to capture movement in motion. Not far from where I live is a skateboard pipe (I think that’s what they’re called). After school and on the weekends the area is teaming with young lads, in the main, trying their hand at all manner of motion devices with wheels of varying sizes and on gradients of varying degrees of treacherousness.