Finding Inspiration for Mosaics

Inspiration for mosaics design comes for me from material choice – the only limiting factor is your imagination and in our modern world we are absolutely spoilt for choice!

I love what people do with the material they discover. Here’s a fabulous clip of a mosaic artist thinking outside the box.

Some of the factors that should be considered when selecting material include:

  • Durability
  • thickness
  • colour
  • light refraction and
  • the ease of cutting

Materials can be found most anywhere. Its always a good idea to gather or buy 25% more than you think you’ll need. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding you’ve run out of a very particular color at a crucial point in the piece.

Material include – and the list is as long as your imagination can make it – the following

  • Italian glass smalti and gold smalti
  • Vitreous glass
  • ceramic tile (frost can be an issue for these)
  • stone and marble
  • pebbles
  • china
  • stained glass
  • mirror
  • shells
  • buttons
  • seeds (great for working with children)

People work in all sorts of media.  Jason Mecier is one such person and his work shows that you can use everything from household trash to food to cosmetics to pills in order to create inventive striking and exciting pieces. He is well known for his creative, witty and appropriate collage portraits of cultural icons such as Jerry Seinfeld in cereal, Andy Warhol in Campbell’s soup cans and plastic bananas, Dolly Parton in hairspray as well as Courtney Love in pills.

Image result for mosaic portraits made of rubbish

Check out his website

Bear in mind that when mixing materials – the task of grouting later  (if you’re going to grout at all) will be made much more difficult.

So think laterally and Happy Art-ing!


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