Christchurch Earthquakes

Christchurch Art Centre, New Zealand after earthquakes (for sale)

It wasn’t until 2010 that I began drawing. It was after the earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand, and there was so much destruction everywhere. Christchurch is an old town in New Zealand terms and had some beautiful turn of the century buildings. Of course buildings that were not made to withstand 7.2 richter scale earthquakes. We had a huge number of earthquakes over the following three or four years, something like 4000. I think there’s a common misconception that you have one earthquake that does the damage and then its over. Well it doesn’t work like that, the major earthquakes can be followed by other large events and thousands of smaller events – that’s what Christchurch sustained- colossal amounts of damage. As I wandered through the City I was fascinated by the destruction and wanted to record the damage in ink. Here are a few of those images.

Christchurch Art Centre, New Zealand after earthquakes (for sale)
Christchurch Arts Centre New Zealand after earthquake of September 4th 2010
Christchurch Arts Centre damaged by Christchurch earthquake Feb 2011 (for sale)
Christchurch, New Zealand Arts Center after earthquake in February 2011,

I like to use Indian ink applied with a very fine paint brush. I like the inconsistency it produces and its an ideal effect for capturing stone buildings. These are images of the Christchurch Arts Center with its one’s erect spire, sitting on the road outside the entrance of the building. Hopefully you can make out the scaffolding surrounding the building. It was, prior to the earthquakes a hub for arts, crafts and entertainment in Christchurch, New Zealand. I used to love going to the crafts market in the weekends. It was a devastating loss to the community after the damage and not least because it was one of the historic places of interest in Christchurch. It was/is located in the neo-Gothic former University of Canterbury buildings, the majority of which were designed by Benjamin Mountfort. It is currently under a massive reconstruction project and is unlikely to be fully operational again for some time and is currently opening to the public in phases.

So my drawing of Christchurch buildings during this phase portray a historically important moment in Christchurch’s history. Both originals are for sale. 76cm x 56cm- one is horizontal and the other vertical. Painted onto good quality handmade paper in a creme tint. For for information:


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