Preparing for an Exhibit

I recently spent three months back in New Zealand. I took the time to work on some linocuts, which I will upload soon. But since my return to the Netherlands I have been busy working for an exhibit (solo) coming up in the month of April. Here is one of those pieces. This is a scene in busy Amsterdam. I like the juxtaposition between the old and the modern.   I have used Indian ink and drawing ink as well as acrylic paint applied to old music paper. It is currently being framed. It is one of 20 pieces which I will be exhibiting of the Netherlands.

As a New Zealander I take delight in the architecture here. It has a quaintness and richness that one simply does not find in New Zealand. We of course celebrate nature. I am having fun playing with the light and shadow as well as depth.


Photograph of work taken by Wim Brummelman.


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