Sold Mannequins

Upon request, here are some of the mannequins that I have already sold. Currently working on some legs!

Working with fine bone china poses problems of its own. Not only are you not working with flat surfaces but there is never enough material in only one plate. In addition there are parts of the plate, bowl of cup that are unuseable. For instance the rim upon which the plate sits. This area is uneven and too thick. So the artist is constantly having to make choices about how to use the material in order to maximize its coverage. In addition the ability to cut pieces that are evenly shaped is almost impossible. If one does choose to cut square pieces then the wastage is huge. For me one of the joys of using fine bone china is the notion of recycling, making use of discarded material.

Mannequin by Sarah-Alice Miles, black wall tile with china plate. SOLD
Mannequin by Sarah-Alice Miles. SOLD
Mannequin by Sarah-Alice Miles. SOLD
Fine bone china mosaic by Sarah-Alice Miles. SOLD
American Beauty by Sarah-Alice Miles. SOLD
Mosaic Mannequin by Sarah-Alice Miles. SOLD
Finding Self – first mannequin I made. SOLD


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