The New Zealand Mandala- Heritage I

This is a linoleum cut. Some people have asked me whether the mandala is created using a series of stamps – which incidentally would have been a lot less work. But instead it is a complete lino – as they all are.
The New Zealand mandala is very much one made up of things from the natural world.

A Dry-point a day keeps the doctor away….

The etches here are the very first print taken from the PVC dry point etched sheet. You can see quite clearly that the lines and edges have produced a lovely full line. I am a real fan of this technique, I think it produces a very romantic finish.

Shows what can be done with IKEA products and artistic creativity.

1001 things to do with an IKEA place-mat

For many of you this scene will also represent a Dutch cliché i.e. a scene that, upon its inception, may have been striking but has become unoriginal through repetition and overuse. Popularity made scenes such as these seem trite, turning them into what we now call clichés. Whether you like the scene or not, the reality is, that this scene is alive and well in the Netherlands of today. Sure, more often than not you see large turbine driven windmills of the modern variety towering over these beautiful small old windmills, but despite that, in the foreground this scene can still be found in the Netherlands of 2019- thank goodness!

Italian Smalti AngelFor Sale

Mosaic shard spacing

Spacing of mosaic pieces is as critical as grout color. The further apart the spacing the more fragmented the piece will look – and the more grout will be needed to finish the piece. The closer the spacing the better the piece will read. So spacing is another of the vital design choices that have to be made when designing a mosaic.