Italian Smalti AngelFor Sale

Mosaic shard spacing

Spacing of mosaic pieces is as critical as grout color. The further apart the spacing the more fragmented the piece will look – and the more grout will be needed to finish the piece. The closer the spacing the better the piece will read. So spacing is another of the vital design choices that have to be made when designing a mosaic.

Machine and hand sewn Geisha- embellished with gold paper and silk by Sarah-Alice Miles. For Sale

Textile inspired by Kunisada – a work in progress

After a trip to the Japanese Museum in Leiden I was so inspired I thought I’d have a go at … More


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The Christchurch Cathedral (New Zealand) and the Hoogland Kunst Route (the Netherlands)

  Tomorrow is the Hoogland Kunst Route, This is one of the pieces on display. I am a guest of … More

First Exhibit in The Netherlands

First Exhibit in the Netherlands.

For sale:


This mannequin along with several others will be on display in the Huis Kernhem in Ede, Easter Weekend: 31 March, … More

Sold Mannequins

Upon request, here are some of the mannequins that I have already sold. Currently working on some legs! Working with … More

For sale

Can you believe it – its for sale

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Extinction of species

A changing climate has the potential to cause extinctions in a majority of the world’s especially valuable ecosystems. Depending on … More

International Exhibit in Huis Kernhem, Ede, The Netherlands

Sarah-Alice Miles, geb. 1968 (Cardiff, Wales) Een zware aardbeving maakte acht jaar geleden meer kapot dan Sarah lief was. Maar … More

My Fascination with Mosaicing Mannequins

Working on three dimensional objects is a great way to hone your skills in mosaic art as you are having to pay constant attention to uneven surfaces, rounded corners and varying thicknesses of material.