The Burr- What is the Burr?

So I guess you’re wondering what ‘the burr’ is? For an in-depth description you may want to have a look at my previous blog .

The most sought after prints are the ones that show the effects of the burr – and are often termed “full of burr”. You can clearly see the burr on the prints below. Because the burr is so delicate one cannot afford to spend too much time experimenting with the final result so it is not usual to have Artist’s Proofs when printing drypoint. It is because of the fact that the burr wears off so easily that the numbering of dry point etches is also so critical. For the collector, the nearer to number “1” the better. This is when the burr is at its most optimal, creating an image of soft feathery lines. Usually when printing a limited edition will be very similar in terms of color. However with dry point because you are very limited in terms of the numbers of prints possible the artist will often choose to change colors between printing, as I have done here.

Below you will see that I have numbered each print so you can see the effect as the printing process moves on. I could probably get away with printing another five from this plate.

Drypoint Etch of Venice by Sarah-Alice Miles
Drypoint etch of Venice by Sarah-Alice Miles
Drypoint etch of Venice by Sarah-Alice Miles
Drypoint etch of Venice by Sarah-Alice MIles
Dry point etch of Venice by Sarah-Alice Miles

The last print was done in gold ink. Unfortunately it is really hard to take great photos. But it gives you an idea of the process and the results.


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