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I have a special Dad, who is currently completing a major restoration on a Mercedes Pagoda 1964 – himself! The finished car should look something like this (though not this colour):

Mercedes Pagoda 1964, 230SL

He lives in New Zealand. I was recently visiting, as I live in the Netherlands. So during a long stay with him I set myself the challenge of completing an artistic rendition of the vehicle. I wanted to make him a piece of art that I knew he would be thrilled to hang on his wall. So here it is

Mercedes Pagoda Linocut by Sarah-Alice Miles:

For all you car fanatics out there – here’s the low down on what each component is. I am, of course, now very familiar with all the workings of the Pagoda -not!

  1. 230 SL engine assembly
  2. 230 SL instrument cluster
  3. 280 SL Front suspension
  4. Rear radius arm mounting
  5. Checking gearbox synchromesh wear
  6. Front subframe and wishbone layout, King-pin axle.
  7. Typical 113 series ‘Pagoda’.
  8. King-pin assembly, 230 SL.
  9. Fuel injection pump.
  10. Late series hydraulic master cylinder.
  11. Rear axle pinion assembly
  12. Torque curve
  13. Power curve

By far the most challenging piece was the engine assembly followed by the instrument cluster. I had to transfer the drawing that I had doneof the component parts, onto the linoleum – that always poses difficulties for me as the image never really transfers super cleanly. So I found myself having to fill in the gaps and cut engine parts backwards. It took me a solid month’s work to draw the images and then transpose and cut. Here is a more detailed image of the lino cut itself.

Lino cut detail of rear axle pinion assembly for Mercedes Pagoda 230SL by Sarah-Alice Miles

It was an interesting project and I am pleased with the results. My father is thrilled with the end- result and has one framed in his study. Since completing the piece I have been asked to do something similar for a number of other vehicles. So currently working on those.

The final image is 50 x 60 cm. The paper size is 63.5 x 96 cm. It is printed on light cream Simili Japon paper, perfect for a clear printing effect and long term preservation. The ink is a cobalt blue which makes a nice contrast on the creme paper. It is also the colour that was used for detailed technical drawings. But do remember that this is not a technical drawing but an art work.

If you happen to have a Mercedes Pagoda and want your own number plate inserted into the print I can do that too! That’s a very nice way to make it extra special. Just email me at the address below.

There are a limited number of prints. The edition size is 100 prints. The print can be rolled and shipped. If you are interested in a print then please contact me at:

For more photos check out my instagram account: Linoceros_girl


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