Update on the Berlin Wall…the Bong Tree is complete

The last couple of weeks I have had a big push on the Owl and Pussy cat mosaic. I have finished phase one of the project. My last post  on this topic shows early progress. Now I’m a step further on. Mayra Pama-Luiten came along and took some photos of me as part of a photography project she’s working on relating to ‘artists and their passions’. Here’s a photo of her photographing me.


Since then the weather has picked up and the trees are in full bloom and I’m further along. Here are the latest pictures. These photos were taken by Wim Brummelman. I managed to get this far and only sliced my finger once – not bad going considering I have cut up kilos and kilos of marble. I am  using original mosaicing tools in the form of a hammer and hardy. More on that in another blog. These tools are usually used for cutting glass and you only have to tap the glass with the hammer and it breaks perfectly. Cutting marble is another story. Sometimes the pieces I’m cutting are 10 centimeters thick and really require some serious force, needless to say the hammer gets blunt quickly. I haven’t yet found a spot where I can have the tools professionally sharpened. Instead I’m using a small diamond rasp which seems to do the trick. The intention is to move slowly into grey marble as I progress along the wall. There’s still some 10 meters to go. I will call it a day for this summer as I need time to work on other pieces.

Update on the Berlin Wall
Marble inlay in around the Bong Tree
View of Owl and Pussy cat wall from first floor
Wall and pond by Sarah-Alice Miles



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