Venice I- a series of dry point etches

My History With Venice:

I have travelled back and forth to Venice a lot over the years. Usually to attend mosaic classes. And always to enjoy the stunning sights of that magnificent City. My parents first took my brother and I there when we were in our early teens. Later, I had my honeymoon there. In the years since I have been many times. I never tire of its beauty. I always go before the tourists arrive and before the summer heat. Over the years I have seen the character of the city change- and unfortunately not for the better.

The Population of Venice:

Did you know in the 1930s there was a permanent population of around 164,000 inhabitants in Venice. But in the years since the population has dropped dramatically and is now hovering at around 60,000. In their place some 20 million tourists pour in each year. Now most days, there are now more tourists than locals in Venice. The number of locals has continued to steadily drop which is having a dramatic effect of the character of the City.

By the time the bed-and-breakfasts arrived in Venice, thousands of locals had already packed up and left. The exodus became marked in the 1970s and 1980s, when Venetians, exasperated by the aftermath of the floods of 1966, fled towards the promise of a house on the mainland with a garden and a car in the garage. Jobs, too have migrated to the mainland. The city was sold off cheap to the hoteliers, water taxi operators and shopkeepers. All of whom made plenty of money, and now Venice is left to reap the consequences of mass tourism.

So in an attempt to capture the Venice I have loved and enjoyed over many years I embarked on a series of soft ground etches, before the City I know disappears forever.

Below is the first in a series of dry point etches I have made of Venice.

If you want to know more about dry point then check out this blog:

Venice I by Sarah-Alice Miles 1/5
Venice I by Sarah-Alice Miles 2/5
Venice I by Sarah-Alice Miles 3/5
Venice I by Sarah-Alice Miles 4/5
Venice I (in Gold) by Sarah-Alice Miles 5/5


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