Very Special….

My first year in the Netherlands was tough: house buying, job hunting, trying to make friends etc.. Then in January of this year I had a break through. My neighbor, opposite me, introduced me to a local artist called Gea Boon, and from that moment on life in the Netherlands changed. It can be as simple as a handshake and nod of recognition. Gea took me by the hand, gave me an artists insight into my local community – and she did literally take me by the hand. She drove me round the neighborhood, showing me points of interest and introducing me to other artists. I have much to thank her for. She also took me along to a weekly drawing club in Amersfoort, (See ) held every Tuesday evening where I met more like minded people. The doors opened and it has been much easier to find my way ever since. So a big thank you to my neighbor Wilma and a special thank you to my new friend Gea. I credit my introduction into the art world in the Netherlands to Gea Boon and her abundant generosity of spirit. On our first evening at the draw club Gea did a quick sketch of me …


… that sketch later morphed into a fabulous painting. She works with symbolism, and this painting is full of it. I won’t go into detail. But do check out her website.

Painting 80-160 Title Sarah made by Gea Boon (1)

Here are some of the details…

Finding your way in a new environment can be as simple as shaking a hand. Thanks Gea.


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